Marc Ernesti, Executive Director of the Crane Institute for Music Business and Entrepreneurship


Joshua Vink, Program Coordinator of SUNY Potsdam Arts Management


Jennifer Ramirez, Senior Project Manager

Music Business Major | Class of 2019

"I'm most excited to hear the student speakers' opinions on technological advancement in different art forms."



Rachel Schwartz, Events Team Co-Chair

Music Business Major, Design and Technical Theater Minor | Class of 2021

"I'm most excited about the experience of helping to run an event day of. I've planned large events before, but usually someone else took over on the big day."


Olivia Scata, Events Team Co-Chair

Dance and Arts Management Major | Class of 2020

"I'm excited about this new experience to work with people from different departments."


Olivia Cole-Berry

Arts Management Major, Music Business Minor | Class of 2022

"I am excited to gain experience in events planning and the behind the scenes aspect of a TEDx event."


Keqi Zhao

Arts Management Major | Class of 2019

"I’m most excited to be able to work on such a large scale and important event and being able to help share ideas to our community."



Elizabeth Collins, Fundraising Team Co-Chair

Music Business Major | Class of 2020

"I’m most excited to show people outside of the SUNY Potsdam community all the innovations that are  happening on campus."


Kevin Utter, Fundraising Team Co-Chair

Arts Management and Business Administration Major 

"I’m very excited to help produce advanced discussion on the topic of creativity."



Sydney Mulloy, Marketing Team Co-Chair

Music Business Major | Class of 2021

"I’m most excited to experience a TEDx event from behind the scenes and share all of our hard work with the Potsdam community."


Eva Farina, Marketing Team Co-Chair

Arts Administration Major | Class of 2019

"I’m most excited to be gaining real life experience with such amazing and forward thinking fellow students."



Kelley Jayne DiPasquale, Tech Team Co-Chair

Music Business Major 

"I am most excited to support the technology team launch a successful event, and to support the faculty and students in their talks."


Maria Giufre, Tech Team Co-Chair

Music Business Major | Class of 2019

"I’m excited to see how a large-scale event like this will impact and inspire the student body."

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