Mino Lora

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Faculty, Students, and Alumni

Jim Fryer

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E-Sports is Real Sports | 10:10AM

Jessica Hurlbrut

Building the Future of Creative Arts Out of Our Communal Past | 

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Karen Kus

The Beauty of Interconnection | 2:00PM

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Kathleen Mahoney

"Anei Au- New Zealand's Māori Art- A Window For Examining Our Own Cultural Identity"

Kathleen Mahoney is an artist, designer and educator, focused on the artist and viewer experience. Kathleen teaches graphic design, video, and game design in the Art Department at SUNY Potsdam. Her presentation is about her research, Anei Ai, a collaborative student project at SUNY Canton in 2016, and the continuation of that research through today, as a Doctor of Professional Practice student at Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin New Zealand. This presentation discusses the intercultural collaborative processes and digital tools employed through the concept and development stages of this exhibition, the project’s challenges and its unique outcomes. It reflects on how the project helped them to consider their own identity, their place in the world, and to compare the fleeting nature of digital and social media within a deeper investigation into media ecologies as they offer an approach to reconsidering our place in a complex contemporary system. This research has continued with work both locally here in New York and internationally in New Zealand. 


Samantha McComb

"More Than A Test Score"

Sam graduated from SUNY Potsdam in the spring of 2020 with a Bachelors of Science in Geology and minor in Geographic Information Science. While at Potsdam, she was a research student, resident assistant, teaching assistant, tutor, and volunteered at the local humane society. Her talk is about how we live in a world where we are constantly being defined by a number, a number that can change the course of our lives. Students capabilities are often determined by their ability to ace standardized tests. However, for many students, these test scores do not accurately represent what we are capable of. Her talk is the story of how one test made the possibility of excelling in science at an advanced level seem futile for her and the moments since then that helped her prove to herself that a test score will not stop her from achieving her dream. 

Jess Melendez

"Diverse Children's Literature"

Jess is from Brooklyn, New York. She is a third-year early childhood education major with a specialization in English. Her Tedx talk will be focusing on the ways in which we can help children become aware of their own identity, while also exposing them to diverse identities through literacy. As a college student and an education major, she has discovered a myriad of children’s books that introduce diverse groups (race, gender, disability, sexuality, religion, social class, etc.) and would like to emphasize the developmental impacts that literature like this would have on future generations (and even adults!) inside the classroom or at home. 

Joe Pease

"Virtual/Actual Reality: A Study on Video Games and the Human Psyche"

Joe is a senior student in the Department of Theatre and Dance.Joe’s talk is about how video games have been an underrated art form, slowly sharpening its laser focus on narrative over the past 3 decades. Instead of simpler days of Mario stomping on mushrooms and Pac-Man chomping on fruit, ghosts, and white......dots(??), the medium has established itself as a major conduit for storytelling, characterization, and immersion. A multitude of delicate topics are placed in the spotlight: Prejudice, grief, and interpersonal relationships to name a few. The topic of mental illness, the way it's depicted, and how it resonates with the audience is the most important aspect to me. It is the key to helping us relate to these characters on a screen and get to know them better than we know ourselves, and in turn stumbling upon discoveries we wouldn't have thought possible. 

Jordan Quiles

Exochemistry: Expanding Science Beyond "Earth Normal" | 2:30PM

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Mei Shen

"Helping Struggling Learners Succeed in Writing"

Mei Shen is an assistant professor of special education at SUNY Potsdam. Her talk is about how writing is a critical literacy skill has been playing an important role in almost every aspect of our life. The presenter will first review the writing and language requirements as specified by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The presenter will then explain how to improve the writing performance for struggling students using the Self-Regulated Strategy Program (SRSD), a research-based intervention approach that combines teaching specific writing strategies and self-regulation skills. At the end, the presenter will emphasize the importance of helping our students become independent, sufficient, and goal-oriented writers through explicit and systematic instruction. 

Janet Sussman

"Moving Towards A Post-Gendered World"

Janet Sussman is currently Associate Professor of Costume Design and History at the SUNY Potsdam. Her talk will explore how the role of gender has shaped our identities in the past and how perspectives have shifted over the past fifty years from a binary cis gendered world to a more plural definition of gender. She will look at why gender has been such an overarching aspect of how we identify ourselves and how we are identified buy our gender. She wants to introduce the notion that we need to move to a post-gendered world where we can shed this false self-identification to reveal our true selves.